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Best Deals On Wheels Cylinder #2 and Cylinder #6 have no compression internal engine parts failed. Also fuel injector repairs. Fredersburg Virginia!!. Bought a 2018 Dodge Nitro from company Best Wheels on Deal, and have expensive repair work to be done. Auto is out of service with engine problems. We were told previous owner died, and we are not able to drive the auto or talk to anyone concerning this problem. Paid $8,316 in cash for auto. The new owner will give us a trade in for another auto; but will lose about $5,000. I refused to do so with them so my auto is still there in Fredersburg, Va at there car lot. The auto was left but told we had to remove the auto on July 2, 2019 after being towed from gas station in Maryland. Mileage of towing was about 61 milres, and don’t know were to tow auto to next. Not driveable at all, plus the cost of towing. Hope that you can help me anyway that is possible. Under alot of stress at this time. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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