Best Kept Secret Parking, 147-07 Guy Brewer Blvd, Queens NY


Best Kept Secret Parking, 147-07 Guy Brewer Blvd, Queens NY JFK Parking, $7 Parking. This company constantly changes its name Extremely unresponsive customer service, belligerent and drugs and alcohol fueled employees. Queens NY!!. THE WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. DRIVERS BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY. I booked via When i arrived there June 28, my spidey senses were tingling. First the office is a makeshift cutout next to a restaurant in which one cannot even sit in. And the parking lot is quite small. Nonetheless the employee who checked me in was rather nice and dropped me to the airport seemlessly. Upon my return that’s when all hell broke loose. The company lists 4 numbers to which customers can call upon arriving at the airport for pickup. I called all 4 numbers for over an hour and no one picked up, just a very deceitful voicemail stating “high call” volume” (Totally untrue). Finally someone picked up and i gave them my location at the airport. It took them in total an hour and 20 mins to get me and my family. The driver pulled up and I could see that he was very belligerent. I instructed him to pull up to where i am as there was a space in between 2 parked cars. It was a packed area as plenty of passengers were awaiting pick up. After we were now in the van, the driver had to pickup a customer at terminal 7, and thats when Part 1 to hell broke loose began. This customer was waiting over 2 hours and shared the same problem as me – No one answers the telephone. Secondly this customer had a service dog. The driver immediately shut the customer down stating he is not allowing the dog in the van. Which surprised us as it was a service dog. The driver did not want to hear what the customer has told him. He was nasty and rude to the customer and even used my family as an excuse why he was not allowing the dog in when he spoke to his boss. We immediately shut him down for that as we were sympathetic to the customer and her dog. He finally allowed the customer and the dog in. When we got back to the parking facility thats when Part 2 to hell broke loose happened. It turned out that there was a public party with loud music and alcohol going on and all the parked cars, including mines and the customer with the service dog was moved to a location outside of the parking lot. When i confronted the owner, he was belligerent, no apology, and did not want to state where my car was. The same for the customer with the service dog. We became even more irate and threatened to call the Police. This is when 1 of his employees approached me rather belligerently hurling expletives while i was with my wife and kids. he came close as if he wanted to punch me and i backed off yet held my ground. The police separately came on the scene as they received loud noise reports. I and the customer with the dog made complaints to them and they informed us they get complaints about this parking facility all the time. It took me an hour and a half just to get my car back. These people are nothing but scam artists, thugs, laced with drugs and alcohol. They must be shutdown. Upon reading additional reviews online, one customer had his vehicle rented out by them after going on vacation for 2 weeks, citing an additional 3000 miles added on to his vehicle.

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