bestbuy store 270 two notch columbia South Carolina Review


I purchased a gateway nv55c laptop from bestbuy about 1 month later I took it in foir service since they do the manufacture warranty but I turned it on and nothing it was completey dead so I took it to send it off about 1 week later they called me and said that it was going to cost me $387.00 to fix they said there was liquid damage , keys missing , power connector damaged , casing around lcd scrteen cracked and motherboard was damaged from water damage I told them to send it back unrepaired when I got it back there was no keeys missing or any signs of damage so I contacted gateway to setup a repair so I sent it in then I got it back repaired and working no damage at all bestbuy was just trying to screw me out of almost $400.00 for a repair that is covered under warranty beware if you have a computer under manufacture warranty and they have to send of then just send it to the manufacture for the repair because they will try to screw you out of alot of money on a repair that should be covered I even took a copy of the repair report that that bestbuy store just to let them know and they didnt seem to care no appoligy or anything

7006 two notch rd columbia, South Carolina United States of America


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