I reserved an apartment for a vaction in New York City through Expedia, for my family, located at 319 West 51st Street, New York City, called “Hell’s Kitchen Apartment”. My credit card was charged $964.68. | To ensure that my check-in went smoothly, I called our contact for this transaction. This individual identified himself as Daniel Cuervo, who I found out later, was apparently dba Best City Sublets. I called the contact number provided. An individual who I presume was Daniel Cuervo, answered. He explained that he had refunded the $964.68 charged to my credit card, and that I cld just pay him cash when we arrive in NYC. He did not really want to talk, and told me to contact him when we arrived in New York City. | I called the credit card company, and there was no refund, credit back or what have you of the $964.68 of any sort. No one had called in. The $964.68 charge was still on my credit card. | i understand that Expedia had attemted to contact Mr Cuervo without succes. I too attempted to contact him without success after speaking to the credit card company. He wld not pick up his phone. I then called from a different phone, using a different phone number and he picked up immediately. i explained the situation to him, and asked hi if there was anything he had to say and he hung up on me. | I am am attempting to get a refund through Expedia and the credit card company. | Sincerely,



Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 319 West 51st Street

Phone: (970) 359-3648


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