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Better Rate Transmission Shabby Transmission Rebuild Pueblo Colorado!!. I had initially taken my 1990 red Toyota Corolla to get transmission rebuild at appox near the end of 2/2013. I picked up my car about a week later with so-called lifetime rebuild. After barely two days transmission craped out again was leaking transmission fluid and would not go in reverse, basically running like crap! So I returned my car to Better Rate explained what happened to owner (Jim Neighbours). I ended up having to leave my car at shop. I followed up at least a few times with Jim N, told me be couple weeks. After couple weeks turned out to be over a month waiting. No explanation for the delay and why transmission failed again. Finally car seemed to shift okay and I returned appox. two weeks later for inspection checking leaks and sign my limited 1 year warrenty. The mechanic Bob that did the inspection did not bother checking for leaks even after I explained that on one occasion the transmission would not shift out of first I had to pull over shift around for a few minutes before shifted okay again, I then asked Bob if that problem is from engine being cold, he replied that if transmission acts up again to bring back to shop. Well guess what at the beginning of 6/13 my so-called rebuilt transmission totally failed I could not even drive my Toyota back to Better rate only neutral worked! Ended up towing back to shop. Next morning June 2 2018 I called Jim Neighbours that I’m pissed 3rd time taking my car back. He replied will get cracking on it. As of today over a week and counting no reply back from Better Rate Transmission! What makes this whole situation evening more aggravating is I rely on my Corolla for primary transportation. So now I have to put up with unwanted stress of having to use public transportation and biking around. I’m a current college student and have a disability so I currently don’t have money for replacement car. I’m outraged and want full refund that I paid for transmission rebuild $1350.

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