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I hired Better Service Southeast of Fort Myers, FL to detect a water leak at my home. They couldn’t find the leak after tyring for hours. The owner came out and he agreed to do the entire job including fixing the leak by bypassing the pipe where the leak was for $500.00 plus tax. I had my friend who is a handyman also witness the conversation. He told me to go ahead and use them because they can get the job done faster than he could. I did. They came out and fixed the leak. I paid them $530.00 and that is when he demanded another $500.00, which is not was told to me earlier. I refused to pay it because I believed that he was trying to bait and switch me by giving me a low quote just to get me to hire him and then surprise me with additional charges. My handyman friend was present both times and agreed that what they were doing was unethical and not to pay them, which I did not. I had to hire another plumber to tied down the pipes even though Better Service Southeast was suppose to do that as well. Now, 3 months later, I am being billed $500.00 with a final demand invoice or else they will sue me. This is the first time I was sent an invoice. Stay away from this company. They will quote you a low price to get you to use them and then after the job is done ask for more money than what was quoted. They will confuse you and misrepresent facts. Very unprofessional and unethical.

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