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We hired Jeff Wolfe of Better Living of Charlotte to build a sunroom and deck for us last February. We were told that his installers were very experienced and had more than 30 years of training. He showed us the product (made by Craft Bilt) and we gave him 13K. In April, Jeff showed up with one man who knew very little or nothing about building a sunroom. Jeff himself had very little if any experience as well. We were told, by Jeff, that deck and sunroom would be completed in 2 weeks, It turned out to be two months! The work was shoddy, unprofessional and the yard was destroyed by his “equipment.” He was gone most of the time and the work was left to one man who had to “fly by the seat of his pants”. Many of the support pieces for the roof were cut incorrectly, but installed anyway. We contacted the owner several times. He did return to “fix” his mistakes, only to create new ones. His lack of follow up and poor workmanship left us with many problems, both cosmetic and structural. The air conditioner was installed by an eletrician, not a HVAC person. Because of this we had leaks and water damage to the dry wall. When we asked the owner to fill out paperwork for the air conditioner warranty, we were told he could not because the electrician was not a certified installer. Consequently, we have no warranty for the air conditioner/heater! To add insult to injury, Jeff Wolfe will not honor his warranty for the room. In the beginning, he told us there was a 50 year warranty! This is mid June and still fighting with him. He will not answer calls. We still owe him 2100,00 and we will not pay the balance until we get the promised warranty. Do not do business with this company!!

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