Betty Lucas – Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


So this is the “manager” or madam of the Fuel Station in Warfordsburg, PA. It’s right off the highway for convenience – at least that’s what my husband thought (one stop shop)! This woman is on her third husband and is whoring around for another. She creeps into your life like the STD she is carrying and next thing you know your husband is doing her like a farm animal in your barn! She wants your life, so be very careful. She is nasty looking with a tongue ring (that she explain allows her to suck good d$&@). Her services and her filthy text messages are what get into your husband’s head (both). She is uneducated and lacks any basic skills, so she uses sex to get what she wants. I was working away from home trying to pay bills and keep our farm when this nasty piece of white trash latched on to my husband. He says he didn’t know what he was thinking – I think I do. She called and texted him endlessly. She performed her services on our property. The thing is…this whore is married. But of course, she found MY husband “amazing”! I guess she could smell the money from her trailer trash life. And of course the drama was non-stop. She was in love with my husband (well at least his lifestyle and his bank account). The thing to note here is none of it was his! Be careful out there ladies, this whore exists. She is trolling around waiting for your husband to fuel up at her station. Maybe she will strike up a conversation with him. Maybe he needs a hug…or laid. Steer clear of this small town hole in the wall fuel station – the price for fuel is higher than you think!

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