Beyond Deplorable: The Pingry School Now Wants to Get Out of Paying Damages to Their Own Abuse Victims! other


Complaint: Now I’ve heard everything!The Pingry School has been known as a wretched place where the worst kinds of people are allowed to work for a very long time, but the latest news is the worst yet. About a year ago the school was finally forced to launch an investigation into the abuse that was perpetrated on scores of children in the 1970s. Keep in mind the place is a private school, so these children’s parents were paying thousands of dollars for the honor and the privilege of sending them there. Also keep in mind that the school loves to brag about its (totally fake) Honor Code which it believes puts them on a footing above other schools. They pretend to be so noble. Clearly, after the latest developments, it’s all a lie. It’s even more of a lie than those in the know about it thought it was already, and that is saying volumes.Their latest deplorable stunt is that, after finding out that children WERE abused there, in their school, by their own DEPRAVED faculty members, with more of their own sick faculty members looking the other, they only want to pay damages to CERTAIN child victims. Namely, they’ll pay for the ones who haven’t been to therapy over it yet, but not to any ones who went to therapy! Boys were not just attacked at the school but at a summer camp the school ran in Maine. The boys could not get away from the sleazy men who were abusing them. They were trapped, year-round. This school charges parents a fortune in tuition. Then they had three predators committing lewd acts on many of them. THEN they turned the other way and didn’t stop it. The boys affected had the rest of their lives messed up from it, and again, their parents PAID for them to go to a school like this, a school that creates problems they didn’t come in with. Now, after it’s all come out, if any of the boys went to therapy in the ensuing years, the school doesn’t want to give boys damages! They are trying to hide behind some statute of limitations nonsense, even though they know full well it was THE SCHOOL that put the children in the situation in the first place. It’s the school’s fault, period.This school is also the subject of numerous complaints. Not only was it considered to be a picking farm for their pedophiles on their faculty but there were drug users on that faculty as well, and other incompetents, and it was like a repository for bad people who wanted to hide behind the title of “teacher.”” Vile

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