B&H Store Englewood Cliffs New Jersey Review


I purchase a laptop and paid extra for upgrade. First they promise will be ready in 1 day..it was not. Then after 3 days they advised me that they type of upgrade I requested is not available but they can do another upgrade for $40 more. I refused and came to store to cancell and receive a creidt on my credit card. They took the card as if they are going to credit – made me sign – but guess what?! they just charged me the extra $49!! NOW they gave me a “choice””: take the laptop and F off OR stay on their LOOOOONG line of returns (2-3 hours) and then pay the restocking fee “”since it was a special order””…You see B&H: you are religious but preying for stealing is not good enough. You should steal less and then can prey less (and even open on Shabbat) God does not like thives!”

34 street & 9th Ave NYC, New York USA


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