Bianca Frankito Tennessee Tennessee


I didn’t know about this home wrecker until recently, when my husband and I decided to remove all secrets and doubts from over the years and get honest with each other about things we had done wrong in the past. || I had been with my husband (fiancé at the time), for 3 years. I was pregnant at the time this little whore started showing her face. I have never met this b*tch to this day, but if I do I will most definitely tell her exactly what I think of her. || She met my man at his job when she would go visit her mother on lunch breaks. At some point, flirting began and eventually phone numbers were exchanged. According to his story, they texted and talked on the phone some… I guess”sexting” is probably a better term. I don’t put all the blame on her. He is just as much at fault for what happened. || Like I said, I was pregnant and my OB/GYN was in another town an hour away. So I would go visit and stay a few nights at my mother’s. My husband should have been with me, but refused to go. At the time, I didn’t understand why he would want me to leave and go visit my family… Just saying he needed time to himself.. Space… So I would leave and go alone while he stayed home… Supposedly alone. || This affair actually happened in 2009/2010. Honestly not sure of the exact time. But since I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT IT, and because it has caused problems for us now and created more trust issues, and MOSTLY because SHE KNEW FOR A FACT that he had a PREGNANT FIANCÉ. They talked about me with each other.. And once she called his phone, he didn’t answer… So when I called back and asked who it was, she simply said”Bianca”. I asked him at the time and he said it was one of his coworker’s daughters and she had called her daughter from his phone.. Explaining away why this slut had his number. || SOOOOOO!!!! If you thought you got away with it Bianca, you didn’t. Because my husband came clean and told me every, single tiny detail of y’all’s sexual encounters. He told me all about how you came to our place and how he put you in the floor because he didn’t want you in MY bed…. He told me how once he was done with you, he sent you on your merry way. #UsedMuch || He also told me how you came back the next day and gave it up again.. Knowing he didn’t want you for anything else but a side piece, knowing he had a pregnant fiancé. You have children now I know. How much of a disgusting human being do you have to be to have an affair with a man who has a pregnant fiancé?  You’re a mother!! Apparently though, you lack the most basic human quality- common decency -. || Anyway, my husband and I are just fine. We did go through some hurt feelings and some difficult nights over all of this. || BUT!! I just wanted you to know that I know all about you and how you were sneaking over to my home and f**king my husband.. I hope you’re proud of yourself. I personally think you are a skanky, low life whore and if you have a man or had one and he cheats on you… Oh well b*tch!! The Karma train is coming your way!! || Have a nice life!! And I hope that being exposed for the SHAMEFUL WHORE YOU ARE doesn’t stain that innocent and obviously fake image you portray on your Facebook.

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