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Fallon firstly does not carry the name Zweegers legally as it the name of her mother’s ex-BOYFRIEND – not dad. She is a brutal fraudster who has been bought an art gallery by her mother’s secret lover and sells fake pieces of art in there. We bought a piece and had it checked, only to find we had paid 10,000 for a copy. When we approached Fallon for a refund, she threatened to have us beaten up! She claimed her ‘dad’ Frank Zweegers has powerful security and that we can be tracked and beaten up if we say anything. The following week I found my car had been scratched and 2 of my tyres had been slashed. When I called the police they said they can’t do anything because I had no proof!When we researched more into who she is we found out her real surname is not Zweegers and that her blog is not written by her at all, but that she is paying a fashion designer to do it for her. All she is does i have pictures taken and tells the deisgner where she parties! The twitter account concerning fashion is written by the designer! FRAUD who is vain just to promote herself.Fallon seems to be a wannabe who is trying to become famous or claim she is cultural when in fact she is a mobster’s brat.We had to say something to stop anyone else falling pray to this vicious fraudster. Please be careful when you deal with this girl or her family….

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