Biblesoft Complaint


Biblesoft has had something go terribly wrong! I first purchased PC Study Bible in 1997, as a DOS program on 3.5 inch diskettes. I have been with the company & upgraded several times over the years. I purchased lots of add on programs. In early January my hard drive crashed. I have not been able to get everything to work properly again after reinstalling the program from the disks I have. I called Biblesoft several times since January leaving voicemail messages during the daytime hours, and emailed both business and technical services. They NEVER replied by phone or email. The only contact was an attempt to sell me a $700 upgrade (described as a one time $59.95 special) & refuse to honor the lifetime voucher they sent me. Each reply on this sale I have received has someone elses email correspondence included. It’s a mess! Save yourself the headache – go with LOGOS

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