Bienstock Martin City Marshall


Saw another complaint about this guy on this website. Without trying to notify me first he sent an official looking notice to my employer demanding that they garnish my wages for an uncollected debt dating back to 2003. The debtor had my name but a completely different mailing address in Brooklyn. I have never resided in Brooklyn or in New York State for that matter. This scammer apparently sends out these notices without making an effort to make sure he has the right person. There are articles about him in the NY Times and NY Post (came up in a Google search) about how he makes millions of dollars per year from this activity. My guess is that he buys old receivables for pennies on the dollar then uses aggressive tactics to collect on them. If an employer blindly obeys his garnishment order, it would be difficult and expensive for the employee to seek reimbursement. Guys like this are nothing but dispicable scammers, but he has some official “Marshall” status to lend him credibility. Shame on him.

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