Big Bear Canine School Review


BIG BEAR REPAIR BILLS Ė DAVID SCOTT KUNZ – BIG BEAR CANINE SCHOOL | IKEA carpet and pad for kitchen $130.42 | Cris Upholstery (bed/chair/pillow $930.00 | Fabric for bed & chair $570.31 | Window washer Ė dog prints $135.00 | Rugs cleaned $175.00 | Housekeeper Ė needed extra time $150.00 | Electric Bill paid by MJS 2/16/17 $248.20 | DWP paid by MJS 2/16/17 $113.70 | Spectrum Ė December/January MJS paid $368.99 | Southwest Gas paid by MJS 2/27/17 $94.18 | Dry cleaning bedspreads & dust ruffle repair $50.00 | Dog toys $46.44 | New broom $11.99 | Floor refinisher $4,574.50 | Labor Floor refinisher $974.50 | Eaten white pillow in guest bedroom $15.00 | Other small pillows from guest room $50.00 | $8,638.23 | Does not include cost of replacing outdoor furniture covers | Fabric for chairs* $1,070.31 *(I will cover $500.00) | Decks & outdoor furniture quote refinish* $1,500.00* | *I am willing to cover the deck furniture repairs if you replace all outdoor furniture covers | I bought outdoor furniture covers at DIY. | The destroyed covers that need replacing are: | The generator | Large round table | 4 chairs with stools | barbeque | table for barbeque | 2 end tables Ė medium size | metal two seater rocker | (metal rocking chair cover survived) | I replaced missing toothbrush | I replaced comb | I replaced shampoo | I did not find the missing green washcloth | Beautiful wool blanket is destroyed | There is a dent in the new stainless refrigerator. We figured what caused it. Somebody slammed the back door knob into the fridge. I will have to live with that, but Iím concerned any potential buyer might not like buying a cabin with a dented fridge. Also my beautiful wool blanket that was on living room sofa is a throwaway. It was washed. | We are going to have to move all furniture into storage so floors in the whole cabin will match when refinished. We will have to hire a mover and a storage unit until the floors are done. | I am so devastated that things have turned out this way. I trusted you with my lovely home. I thought you were honorable people. | You said you would pay the utilities and of course you didnít. You said you would come to see the damage and of course you didnít. You said you will make things right, and once again you havenít kept your word. To date, Iíve not received a penny in either rent or repairs. | All repair work has to be completed before we can list the cabin. | Don’t make excuses about picking up my dog on Thanksgiving. You used my cabin on weekends and then for all of Decmember and January and paid me zero.


Name: Big Bear Canine School

Country: United States

State: California

City: Big Bear

Address: P.O. Box 3442

Phone: 760-898-2891


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