Big Boys Moving & Storage Review


The movers showed up 35 minutes late. There were two movers. One man took boxes down ONE at a time while the other loaded the truck. They took care of my stuff as if it were going to the dump. They ripped the boxes and tried to put my furniture on a moving blanket and sliding it down the stairs. (This damaged ALL my furniture) This move should have taken three (3) hours. It took them six (6)!! They milked the time so badly I had to start helping them with the move at one point so they would get the clue to keep it moving! I after I found that ALL, I am NOT exaggerating when I say ALL, every single piece of my furniture was scratched, dented or just completely broke to where I can no longer use it. When I was being roped in to use their business I was told that they are fully insuranced! And that they would take care of my stuff as if it were their own. After reporting the damages, I was told that my move was not fully covered by their insurance. That all scratched, nicks and dents are not covered. I have been calling for a month now to find out the status of the insurance claim on the completely broken furniture and was told they only cover .60 cents per lb. And that my furniture wasn’t that heavy so the pay out will be minimal. OK add insult to injury!! So now three weeks later, I have had NO resolution to this issue, I have called several times requesting the owners information and they rude office staff REFUSE to give it to me. Under NO circumstances should you use this company. And at this point I do not know what I can legally do to get this issue resolved and settled. OH and one time I called, and the office guy answered the phone on ACCIDENT, he started talking to the other office staff girl and started talking mad s*** about me!!!! Then when I called back to speak with him, he was a coward and would Not answer his phone. I need legal HELP!! What do I do to get the owners contact information.

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