Big Event NY


On February 10th, I saw that a seller on eBay called bigeventny was selling a Kristaps PorIngis signed 16×20 photo that I wanted. the only problem was that the item didn’t end until 4 days later and I wanted it immediately, so despite the fact that the current price was only about $60, I emailed the bigeventny at [email& 160;protected] and offered $92 including shipping for the PorIngis. The seller advised me that he’d hosted a personal signing with Porzingis and that he had 100 of the posters. I paid for two day whipping, but it took a week to arrive and when it did come, it was in horrendous condition, with three mangled corners and several divots thought the poster. Note that there was no damage to the box, only to the item itself. I contacted Tommy of bigeventny and he told me to send it back and that once he got it, he would send a replacement. I decided to reject the package with USPS, and they assured me it would get back to the seller in about 7 days. A month later, Tommy claimed he still hadn’t received the package, so I went to 5 different USPS locations looking for it, before I eventually found it at the USPS center on Bohannon street in Menlo park, CA. I then paid $10.50 and shipped it back to the seller, adding $100 in insurance. He received it last Monday 3-14, per the USPS tracking. But when I tried to call him to get the tracking number, he wouldn’t answer for two days until he told me he’d be in Ireland until next Tuesday Feb 22nd and that he’d sort I out then. However, he has dodged my calls, texts and emails for the past two days and I’m convinced he is trying to rip me off. He has the money already, he has the poster back (which i can only assume he’ll try to sell to some unfortunate individual on eBay, and he thinks he can get away with it. I plan to call the Staten Island police dept on him, but other than that, I have no idea what to do, and I think Tommy of knows it and is planning to totally con me.

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