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Big O Tires Ripoff, Discarded my parts, Problem never fixed even though I came back 3 times Phoenix Arizona!!. I brought my 2006 Honda Civic Si in for AC repair on 7-12-17. I explained that I did not want to spent more than about 500 dollars to fix the air conditioner. They kept the car for diagnostics and quoted me $598 to fix the problem. I agreed and picked up the “fixed” car on 7-14-17. I live 1 mile away and took the car home. The next day, 7-15-17, I drove the car for 20 minutes and the air conditioner failed. I returned the car to Big O Tires that day and they kept it for more diagnostics until Monday 7-17-17. On Monday they called and told me it would be another 115 dollars to re-charge the freon. I was upset but had no other options and agreed. I picked up the car again on Tuesday, 7-18-17, and drove it for 10 minutes and the AC stopped working again. I drove it back and dropped off again. Another 3 days later, the car was still in their possession, and they were telling me I need another part to make it work with another few hundred dollar price tag. At this point I explained that I would like the parts removed, my original parts replaced, and a full refund. They offered me 430 of the total 715 I have already payed, they are removing the parts, and told me they threw my original parts away. The fact that I had to bring my car in 3 times after being “fixed” with them only to advise I spend more money on a completely new problem is incompetent at best, and fraudulent at worst. Now I am out a few hundred dollars AND my car is in worse condition than when I started. Before I picked up my car the last time it was “fixed” they told me that my AC unit would work for at least another year, which 20 minutes later my car was again not working. At this point on 8-1-17, I have called their corporate complaint line 4 times and made a complaint and have yet to receive even 1 phone call back. I have also filed a complaint with the better business bureau and the BBB informed me that the shop is not cooperating and has not answered the complaint.

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