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bikers den Atrocious Oregon City Oregon!!. I have posted this report on other sites in the hope of making people aware of this company. Terrible. Do not buy anything from this company for risk of having my experience (see below): 1. May 19th – I order a handlebar mounted thermometer. 2. Six weeks and several phone calls later, still no thermometer. 3. July 10th the shipment arrives, but they sent me a clock (wrong item). 4. July 10th (same day), I send a detailed e-mail asking for help (with a photo of the clock and the thermometer invoice attached) – no response. 5. July 10th (same day) I start phoning – greeted by a message saying the phones are down but will be back up on July 8th(!). 6. July 19th – after numerous calls, I finally get through…but not a real live person, just a voicemail greeting inviting the caller to leave a message and assuring you that will hear back from them shortly. 7. As of today (July 23rd), I have not had a response to my e-mail or to my several voice-mails. Absolutely atrocious.”

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