Bill and Will Twyford


Bill and Will Twyford Scared my tenants into thinking that they needed to be out within 10 days Denver Colorado!!. A Bill and a Will Twyford showed up to our rental property located in Denver. They told our tenants that the mortgage payments have not been paid that the tenants needed to be out within 10 days because the house was going into foreclosure. They presented the tenants with a letter telling them that they needed to retain them for help so that they tenants would not have to move out. Are you ready for the real scam… The house is paid for in cash. We own the home free and clear! Why is Bill and Will Twyford trying to scare our tenants into thinking that they are about to be evicted? My guess is that they are trying to scare the tenants into thinking they need legal protection. The tenants would pay and then Bill and Will would run. People in and around the Denver area specifically around Federal BEWARE. These guys are scammers and bad people.

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