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Poor Returns

Bill Grous is the Managing Director and Client Advisor at Alex Brown, a division of Raymond James. He has been working in the finance sector for more than 30 years and has served many clients. But donít let his credentials fool you. His team of advisors is quite incomptent. They have offered terrible results in the time I have worked with them. I donít think anyone should waste their money paying Bill Grous and Alex Brown. 

I think my decision to work with Bill Grous from Alex Brown was a horrible one. It is a huge regret of mine and I think many people would agree that Billís team is not a competent one. If youíre someone looking to work with Alex Brown, I would suggest that you avoid those people and especially Bill Grous. 

The returns I have been getting from Billís suggested investments have been quite disappointing. In fact, I hadnít expected such poor performance from Alex Brown ever. I thought they would provide me with great returns through their team of experienced advisors and finance professionals. But I guess I was wrong. I expected more from those people and they have been a huge disappointment. There are many financial advisors in the area so itís not like Bill is the only person out there. Itís surprising how he hasnít tried to review his teamís work in so long. To be honest, itís quite saddening because Raymond James is a very reputed name. Bill Grous, through his careless behaviour, is putting a bad name to Raymond James wealth management. 

I have tried to share my discontentment with the returns I have gotten from my investments but my efforts have been of no avail. To keep matters clear, I even sent an email to Bill Grous some time ago as a client. However, I didnít receive a response there which increased my disappointment with Alex Brown further. Their performance has been poor throughout the recent times and I donít think I can suggest them to anyone. Alex Brown seemed like a great company to me before. Thatís why I chose to work with them. If I had known that their Managing Director and staff would deliver such terrible results, I wouldnít have worked with them at all. 

Several of my friends have financial advisors. They all have received substantial returns on their investments whereas Iíve been getting poor returns. Many of them have suggested that I switch advisors. So you can imagine my position. Iím stuck with Bill Grous and his team of incomptent advisors who fail to provide good returns to their clients. 

The way his staff handled my complaint has shown me their true colors. Itís clear that they donít care about their clients. They worry about their portfolio size so they can attract more clients. If youíre someone who wants to start investing and thought working with Alex Brown would be a great idea, this review is for you. Avoid Bill Grous and his staff. 

Having a bad financial advisor can be quite detrimental to anyoneís financial well-being. It adds more stress and pressure to your life because you keep losing time. You think youíre getting something for your investments but the thing is, you couldíve made much more money if you had the right advisors. Working with Alex Brown has only added regrets. They have wasted so much of my time that I canít even start explaining my discontentment. If I could, I would start over and find someone else to invest my money. Those people arenít worth the fees they charge. 

This is another huge problem with Bill Grous. He charges a lot for his services. I think he is one of the most expensive financial advisors in the region. Having the affiliation of Raymond James has helped his brand so he can charge more. If he and his team had delivered satisfactory results, I wouldnít have had any complaints against his fees. In fact, I would have been glad to pay him. But after seeing the reality of his claims and the performance of his team, I donít think they are worth the money. 

Again, I would recommend the readers of this review to avoid doing business with Alex Brown and Bill Grous. 

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