First of all BIOSOLACE INTERNATIONAL has inferior products that could not prove effective in the Unite States. Apparently their founder, a mister Gregory Brandon is now trying to dupe the good people of India who have heard his pitch. Mister Brandon is well known in the MLM business of starting several business that failed miserably in the United States. Numerous civil lawsuits against him as well as owing hundreds of people thousanfs of dollas, he apparently decided to start over in a place of the world where he is unknown. There is and never will be any scientific evidence that his product MSM plus Vitamin C with colloidal silver can prevent anything. This is all total speculation in order to sell products.. Check the label of the bottle, you will find no description of how much MSM or Silver or VitaminC is contained in a bottle.. Check Biosolace physical address in Los will find a PO BOX. …where headquarters located? There is none. Biosolace is hoping that the ignorant people of India will buy their inferior product which failed miserably in the United States. They also present an Ionic Strip that helps releive pain which youi can purchase at several companies, not just Biosolace. we have been watching Biosolace for several months and decided to listen in on their weekly calls. Mister Brandon sounds very convincing and educated, however after checking his past against his bio on website in India, we could not find the companies that he calims to have started whih are supposed to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We also could not verify him as a health practitioner licensed anywhere. Mister Brandon seems to be a great presenter speaker , however may be misrepresenting himself as many upstart MLM company chiefs do year to year. SINGHEALTH will continue to protect and monitor new upstart MLM products introduced into the markets of India to protect the people.. Note that we were contacted by people who joined BIOSOLACE and were promised to make money, however never made any money at all, as well as Mister Brandon and company never refunding so called Founders Fee of at least $250.00 american dollars while being promised part of a billion dollar profit…SINGHEALTH sees this as extremely suspicious..we strongly urge anyone to check background of any new upstart MLM company…We suggest calling family or friend in Los Angeles to check the company’s physical office address to see if this company is legitimate, as we only were able to find a Post Office Box… u0938u094cu092du093eu0917u094du092f

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