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Bishop Motorsports Inc Do Not Buy a Car from this Company Fort Myers Florida!!. Do not buy a car from this dealer. Like most buy here pay here lots, they get their cars from auction, but the problem with these guys is, they have a small lot with less than 15 cars. Because of that, they churn and repo every car to resell to another unsuspecting buyer. They do not fix anything on the car prior to purchase. It goes from auction to lot,but they will tell you that their mechanic down the street gave it an inspection, and it is in great shape. Bought from here, had to put over 1k in it. Brought to their mechanic “down the street” who said he never saw the car. Made all my payments. Some were a day late and they blew up my phone threathening to repo. When you get near the end of your payment term, they try to find any reason to repo the car to resell and make another commission. My car had been sold by them three times prior to me buying it. A 2002 Ford. They will tell you they are “helping” people re establish credit, but they don’t report to the credit bureaus. My last payment wasn’t even due for almost a month, and they threathened to repo if I was a minute late. If you don’t call in a payment or go in in person, and send them a check or money order, they won’t post the payment for a few days and hit you with a late charge. Not nice people. Stay away

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