Bitwine California


Complaint: SCAMMERS !! CON !! FORCEFUL MONEY EXTRACTORS !! First they lie and rip you off your own money and when their servie fakeness is ripped naked they threat u unifiedly like a group of local money extractors and threaten to poress charges on u when they are the ones who is conning you and scamming u with your money and taking advantage of your helplessness… they try to control everymomnet of your lufe using ur money and when u break oput of this toxic scamming prison they shamelessly try to threaten u…allthe while morally legally and financially ripping you off..not to mention the emotional n psychological threats they provide…either tghe law ot the karma will get them now…all consumers should now unite n shpw them thay the game is over !!

Tags: Religious Groups

Address: Internet USA



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