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Bj’s national hand car was Bait and switch North Hollywwod California!!. Today on Sept. 5th, I went into BJ’s National Hand Car Wash to have my car a Ford Focus (not a big car) washed and cleaned. I pulled into line behind a Mercededs Benz directly in front of the entrance to the car wash. I waited for someone to help me, after a minutes I followed another customer into the store. After he finished with the first customer he left me in the store and had an attendant move my car as it was his Mercedes I pulled in behind. He came back in and started to ring my up. When he informed me that is was $22.99 I reminded him that my car was the Ford Focus (vans were the most expensive to wash @ $22.99), mine should cost only $11.99. He explained to me that because I had transported my dog in the car it’s stray fur in the interior caused the price increase. I asked to see where that was posted? He explained that he didn’t have to post anything, it was his business and he determined prices. I told him to stop his guys from cleaning my car, I wasn’t going to pay his price. I also explained to him his practices were unethical. At that point he went outside and told his guys to stop working on the car and told me to GET OUT, I DONT NEED YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS. At that point I put my mats back in the car and left.

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