BL Christmas Tree- Hugo Lamyre charlotte North Carolina Review


Hugo Lamyre you have to pay my 2,950 dollars that you owed me, I know all you do. You create different companies like Clover Systems, and then post your loads in truckstop, and made carriers to transport your Christmas Trees, and don’t pay them anything. I will go to Jefferson, NC and give flyers to everybody about this report, and all of the others clients you have. I will call the Hospital where your wife works, and let them know. Will send this to every customer or potential customer that you have or you can have, and let them know what you did. Will post your photo, and your family too. YOU HAVE TO PAY ME MY 2,950 DOLLARS. I will soon create a facebook page against you and your company and make it public. You charge anyway to customers like you are paying to transport but you don’t pay anything, that money you steal from your customers. YOU ARE A CROOK, and take advantage o people. FOR SURE, YOU ARE DOING THAT FOR MANY YEARS, I will send emails to your clients, and potential clients. I have called you and you are so coward that you dont call back, because you know what you did..I will send the check to Nafta, and will make a complain about your company, it is necessary somebody will stop you. I will send emails, letters to farmer associations everywere. PAY ME WHAT YOU OWED ME, I HAVE CALLED AND LEFT MANY MESSAGES, AND YOU ARE SUCH A COWARD THAT YOU DONT CALL. SEND ME MY CHECK FOR 2,950 DOLLARS!!!!!

7993, blvd Bourque sherbrook, Quebec Canada



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