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On or about October 6th, Black Bull Towing moved my 1985 Mercury and moved it to another area in the apartment complex at Falcon Ridge Apartments. Upon viewing the vehicle it was noticed that the passenger door had been smashed in leaving a black mark and as a result the damage is extensive and the door will no longer open. While looking for the address and phone number of Black Bull Towing company in Ft Worth, Texas I noticed that several scam reports and the demeanor of the towing company is one that is typical of most towing companies. They are not cooperative, they are rude and have shown no regard for individuals they have harmed by holding vehicles hostage and charging amounts to retrieve the vehicle. This has happened to me with other towing companies, but this one has no regard for the property of others. My vehicle has a legal permit to park in the complex and I have lived here for over 5 years. The apartment complex was doing parking striping and had to move a large number of vehicles. I never got a notification requesting I move the car, and yet, they did have the courtesy to not have my vehicle towed from the property (that would have been #3) for something I had no control over. I am reluctant to call them since I am sure I will get the same shoddy treatment and I am sure they won’t repair the car. I am furious about this and I can say this does little for the reputation of the towing business in the US. They all seem to think they are invulnerable and above the law. It seems I am at an impass, but I assure you when I move, I will not pay the apartment a penny for any broken leases or other ridiculous charges since the repair will be more than $1000 to repair and I am sure the apartment complex will not take the responsibility for my damage. I feel I am in my rights to get compensation, but it is unlikely and to pursue any avenue of relief seems nebulous and a waste of time. I just hope that Black Bull gets their just deserts and that some legal agency will resolve our complaints and fine them or at least set up a class action suit against them for their lack of regard of private property and towing without concern of any damage they create. I could say more, but I think I have said it all. Black Bull, I suggest you think about the day that you will be revealed as an unreliable and unreasonable company with no morals or decency.

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