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. This man Joseph Gingerella is a liar. I agreed to “Invest” in River’s Edge Music Festival that was to take place in Independence, OR the 14th of June 2014. The initial agreement, which was written in a signed contract by he and myself) was he would give me a post dated check for the amount due at the end of the festival. That never happened. I followed up multiple times with “Joey G” and was stonewalled each time. When I expressed my concern, and my need to seek my legal options, he tried to strong arm me. Claimed that if I sue (which I never threatened to do) he would counter-sue and have my wages garnished for the rest of my life. I knew it was a bluff, and this guy is completely full of it. The day of the event came and went and I again asked for my money. He ignored most of my communication, only to say that his lawyer will be contacting my work (he doesn’t even have that information), which is another bluff. He’s a LIAR, a CHEAT, a THIEF and just an unsavory person. I’m sure he’s done this before to other people. The man is complete garbage. I now have to file complaint with the BBB, a criminal complaint, and go to small claims court (again, he says his lawyer is going to crush me… they’re not allowed in small claims court…. he’s an idiot). DO NOT trust this man, invest with this man, and if you’re an entertainer, I wouldn’t allow him anywhere near me. Complete joke this guy is.

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