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On March 10, 2015, we placed an order over the phone. 800 number and person has hard time with English. She stated all items were in stock and would arrive 4-8 business days. When I gave her credit card information, she said it declined (which is impossible as card is paid in full each month.) We went over the number again and she said this time it went through. She had entered first time incorrectly but this time it went through. Great, now we wait patiently 4-8 days. Ten days later, a letter arrived and a postcard stating authorization for payment did not go through and shipment was being held. I called and went through the entire process again, giving credit card AGAIN and verifying all information was correct. We had ordered previously with no problems. I expressed concern over original order taker telling me it was authorized after being declined the first time she entered. Why did she say it went through if it didn’t? He stated he didn’t have information of previous attempt and re-ordered stating this time it was correct and items would arrive in 4-8 days. We waited. Again the date of arrival came and went and I called AGAIN to find out the status. I asked the person who answered the 800 order where they were located and where is Blair’s corporate office located? Call center is Philippines and corporate office is Jessup, PA. I explained what had happened thus far and asked to speak to corporate or a manager. She told me order has not processed, confirmed all my information AGAIN and made some comment about there being an address issue. I said its same as all the other times they ask, same place they’ve mailed before and how could they determine there’s an address problem when this order has never shipped. I told her this is the worst experience I’ve had with catalog order. She said she could not connect me with corporate ioffice – all she could offer was to email an expedite and request I receive a call from a supervisor/manager in 24 hours which prompted me to pose the question- with all the ways to contact me, why have I never received an email or call if there was a problem? 2 days went by, a week and I called again. no contact from them at all. I explained yet again to another person and asked to speak to her supervisor. He got on the line after a long time on hold and he wanted me to explain to him. I said I had HOPED the customer service rep was filling him in or that he could see view the history on the computer. He said no and I had to go through the story YET again. He stated it was in the warehouse now (since the day before) and preparing to ship. I told him they should waive the shipping after the poor customer service that’s taken place. He told me it was in shipping and he can’t do anything at this point. I asked for a tracking number and he couldn’t provide one. I asked how long I could expect the order to sit in warehouse/shipping. He said if the order comes in before 2pm and is in stock it ships that day and then it will take 4-8 business days. I said then I can expect it 4-8 business from today. He hemmed and hawed then agreed. I still have not received the order and ask 1) if there was a problem, if item was not really in stock why not communicate that upfront? If they said charge declined and then it went through, how does it happen that weeks later you find out there’s a problem with the charge? Still waiting… Will never order from this company again… Would like to talk to someone at corporate because I always like to help company improve in problems/succeed if they are unaware of issues taking place (constructive) but can’t find a local number. Therefore, I hope to help others avoid being scammed. .

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