BLASTmedia, Inc. Review


Blast media is a front company to a myriad of scams. The owner is a lifetime scam artist that has left a trail of lies and scams that have included many arrests and most of them felonies. Hes served prison time and it hasnt affected his behavior at all. He has defrauded many and coninues to this day. He seems to keep the crimes under $1000 hoping the victim just goes away. He uses the names Dave Ripley, Dave Riley, Charles Rupley, Charles Ripley and Charles Riley. His Name is David Charles Rupley, please look him up on or just google his name. He will steal your money, cheks, credit card numbers and any other means of payment he can find. Please help me put this a*****e backin prison and stop the daily scams. His scams are many but include, media scams, craigslist scams and referal scams. | I am getting the states attorney general involved and will need more info if you have any or may have been scammed from him or his front companies. Beware of any business dealing, best to just walk away. He has a great way of making you belive hes legit.


Name: BLASTmedia, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Fishers

Address: 11313 USA Pkwy Suite B 302

Phone: 317-806-1900


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