Bliss Enterprises of Plant City, Inc. Review


Summary of Dealings with Bliss Enterprises | We began our dealings with Bliss Enterprises on the phone on July 5, 2016. We saw your web site and liked the photos of your barns. I visited with Ricky Jr. on the phone and he was pleasant and courteous. He invited us out to see model barns at your Plant City location. We drove out on July 7th and met with both Mr. Richard C Bliss “Big Ricky” and Ricky Jr. You gave us a tour of your facilities and we loved the model barn at the front of the property. We talked in detail about the project. We explained that time was of essence to get the barn completed at our farm in Dade City since we were moving our show horse from a facility in Odessa, FL, to our farm. We explained we were spending $750 per month for horse boarding. That is $150 per week just for stall rental, so time was of the essence. | Both Richard and Ricky Jr pitched us on the professionalism of your company. You stated that you had multiple crews and that you had a crew in Dade City. You said that you had built many barns in our neighborhood and there were probably several within a mile of our place. You stated that you had a lot of experience with Pasco County and the permitting process. | You outlined the steps for the project. The first step was to finalize plans. Then give you a deposit for the engineered plans and permitting. Per your experience, this would take an estimate 3-4 weeks. Once the permit was approved you would start in a week and it would take around two weeks to complete the project. | In light of this sales pitch and schedule we worked quickly on the plan to get the project started. We visited with Ricky Jr. several times on the phone to get questions answered. He was polite and got back with us quickly. By July 12th, 5 days after our in person visit, we had finalized plans and a final quote from Bliss Enterprises. | My wife and I were little apprehensive about dealing with your firm. Your office was disorganized and a mess. The bid was crude and was hand written and a little confusing. In light of that I took Wed. July 13th to put a drawing and pictures together along with the quote so that we could have decent documentation of this $25,000 project. | We set an appointment to finalize the deal for the next day, Thursday July 14th. We met at your office and reviewed the project. We reiterated that time was of essence due to our boarding costs. Ricky Jr stated that the only thing out of their control was the time for permitting. We gave you our $1,250 check and we had you sign off on the plans and bid. We were buying virtually the exact barn as the model on your property. Ricky Jr said that the plans were standard and he could have engineered plans the middle of the next week. Then assuming 3-4 weeks for permitting, that would result in being permitted around August 19th. With what you had outlined in our July meetings, we should be under construction by August 29th. With two to three weeks for construction we should be able to have our horse out of boarding by mid to late September. We gave notification to our horse boarding facility that we would be leaving October 1, 2016. | On Thursday July 28th I called to check on our project. Ricky Jr answered and sounded like he had forgotten about our deal. He responded that nothing had happened and he would get started by getting the engineer to get him some stamped plans. | I was surprised that nothing had happened. On July 28th I emailed the following to Ricky Jr:


Name: Bliss Enterprises of Plant City, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Plant

Address: 3940 E Knights Griffin Rd

Phone: (813) 754-1766


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