BlockBuster Boca Raton Florida Review


Due to the Hurricane Grances and later Hurricane Jeanne, the store was closed for more than 8 days all together.nThat affect us consummers that purchased a monthly pass to watch videos for a 30 day period, if you have been locked out of your viewing videos, for the Hurricane and their policy of closing the store other than he days of the affected hurricane, I think the store should have issued credit at leats for the days extra thay have been closed. nWe at our home had electricity, and able to watch DVD’s and videos. nMoreover; the reason why we purchased the pass in the first place is to keep our kids entertaines while the o through difficult times around. nIt is not fair we lose all those extra days.nTHat is unfair and on the premise of the blessing that neither this Blockbuster store nor us had any material losses, I think we should get what is fair to us customers. nThanks nGonzalonBoca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.

Boca Raton,, Florida U.S.A.


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