Blockbuster Canton Ohio Review


In summary, I canceled my membership with Blockbuster back in April 2012. After they were notified I canceled, they sent out my next rentals anyway. I sent them immediately back to their return center. About a week later, I get an email notification from them stating that they charged my checking account for the cost of keeping these rentals because I had canceled my membership and hadn’t returned the games (again, membership was canceled FIRST, rentals sent out AFTER cancellation). nSo they deducted $25 and some change from my checking account. I didn’t think much of it at first, figuring it may take a week or two for them to get the games back and issue my refund. nAfter waiting on a refund and not receiving one, I contacted their customer support via email inquiring about the refund, and, according to Paul, the games were shown as in transit to their return center and once they were delivered I would get my refund. nAfter, to date, not receiving a refund from them and going around and around with them over this for the past three months, Blockbuster is still “claiming”” that they have not received the game rentals so I cannot get my money back for the games that were sent to me AFTER I canceled my membership and that I shipped immediately back to them. When confronted with the question of why did your customer support person Paul tell me they were showing as in transit back to their return center via the USPS

all I get from customer service is the same old spiel of “”Ma’am

as soon as we get the rentals

you will get your refund.”” I told them very politely I understood their process of doing things

all I want to know is WHY they haven’t received the rentals back yet after almost three whole months when it was shown via their USPS look-up that they were in transit to their return center

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