Blossom Chervorlet


Blossom Chervorlet We Don’t Do Customer A Service Indianapolis Indiana!!. I really wish I had checked the reviews before taking my car to Blossom. They really are good about drawing you in, with confident conversation about your cars problem. The female service rep. was definitely not trying to help me as a customer, as I found out the expensive way. . I brought my 08 Impala, to Blossom, just to get an (expert- dealership opinion) on what the problem was with my car. The stability link service and traction control service lights would come then go off when you accelerate quickly. The car stalled once and it started back up 5 minutes later, and ran as usual. Now my disappointment in this Blossom dealership Begins. A dealership diagnosis, ended at $1800.00 on a $4000 car and now my car does not run and is no use to me at all, until I can afford a new engine. The certified mechanics just could not stop, and Communicate, that the car is not worth repair. Well they need my, $1800 and my car now needing a new engine to tell (The Customer), your car won’t work after we examined it. Please read the reviews! Blossom has no consideration for you are your, Chevy Car.

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