Blue Dog RV, Las Vegas


Blue Dog RV, Las Vegas Falsified rv information Las Vegas Nevada!!. I have received an online quote for an rv from an internet salesman for a 2008 34B, saying what a great deal they were giving me. But the unit they sold me is a 2007 34c. The only reason I found this out is through the DOT, their info database didn’t match the insurance information. Mind you, the dealer was the one that hooked me up with insurance, prior to me taking the unit home. All of their paperwork says 2008, but a quick vin search shows clearly for it to be a 2007. Not only that, my mechanic spotted tires that are over 10 years old, which are illegal to sell in NV. I’ve been trying to get some type of answer from the crooked establishment, but it has been a while now. All they say is “we are trying to get someone to address this issue.” Who knows, maybe they are looking to hire someone to address This? Because no one is doing anything. You have been warned!

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