Blue River Transportation Inc


This Company has a truck and a crappy belly dump trailer. On 02/02/2017, He was traveling south on I-35 and I started getting sandblasted somewhere around the Tulsa I-44 junction. It took a while to figure out where the sand was coming from and by the time I noticed it, damage had already been done to my truck. I recorded it with my iphone and it is USDOT 2906393 VIN 1LH3608. I tried to get the truck to pull over but he wouldnít. I called the company number the next day and told him he had damaged my truck and he told me that his truck was broken down and wasnít even on the road. I filed a report with the highway patrol the next day and the highway patrol gave them a call. Thatís when I got his insurance information. He is trying to get out of paying for the damages. He has already lied once and said the truck was not even on the road, now he is lying saying he didnít cause the damage and yet he says someone else was driving the truck with the defective trailer. This guy is a blatant liar. If you have any trouble with this guy avoid him and get an attorney.

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