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How Sophie Howard Rips-off Entrepreneurs OnlinE With Blue sky amazon

The Amazon Selling Queen has some skeletons in her closet that she does not want you to see. From fake 5 star reviews to lying about her past, she has done it all.

Blue Sky Amazon might not be the secret to success Sophie’s marketing team so direly wants you to believe it to be.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the whole thing, here’s a summary:

Blue Sky Amazon is an overpriced Amazon Seller course backed by fake 5 star reviews & sponsored “expert” reviews.

Let’s see what exactly is wrong with this course & its creators and if there’s anything we can do to stop these scammers once and for all.

Who is Sophie Howard?

Blue Sky Amazon Review 2021

Who is Sophie Howard? Well, she calls herself “The Amazon Selling Queen”, and claims to have multiple 7 figure Amazon businesses. On her website, she is portrayed as the Amazon goddess who blesses entrepreneurs with six-figure businesses and amazing results, at least that’s what they try to portray.

There is ZERO evidence to back Sophie’s claims, and no review websites have talked about this. Maybe they just took Sophie’s word for it, who knows.

Apart from this, there is not a lot of information about Sophie Howard’s background. Her dodgy background reminds me of JT Foxx.

On Blue Sky Amazon’s official website, the about page is probably written by a freelance writer who’s getting paid in nickles, because the writing quality is just meh. It is the most generic piece of content you can write on a person. I guess Sophie should’ve shelled out more money on her marketing and branding.

I have one question for Sophie though if she really is so successful and a millionaire, then why is she selling a six thousand dollar course to strangers? Does she want to help people, or she never really had a successful Amazon business in the first place? I just realized that it’s more than one question, but, oh well.

Burying The Truth With Forged Reviews

One thing that sets apart Blue Sky Amazon from authentic courses (like Amazon’s official Seller University), is its numerous fake reviews. These reviews are written by Sophie Howard, according to a Trustpilot review posted on Blue Sky Amazon’s listing. 

I did some research and analysis of my own to find out whether these 5-star user reviews have been written by actual users or not. The results….. let’s just say they are not what we expected.

All of the reviews on Blue Sky Amazon’s Trustpilot listing have a very similar tone and vocabulary. However, without solid proof, I cannot claim that I’m 100% sure that these seemingly fake 5-star reviews have been written by an offshore marketing agency.

The story doesn’t end here. If you go ahead and Google “Blue Sky Amazon Reviews”, you’ll see something like this:

Do you know all of these search results have in common? They are sponsored reviews!

Okay maybe the exclamation mark was a little dramatic but Sophie has manipulated Google search results for keywords like “sophie howard”, “sophie howard amazon”, “blue sky amazon”, etc.


To hide real customer reviews who have fallen victim to this scam. We’ll look into the real Blue Sky Amazon’s reviews in just a moment, but first, let me debunk the reviews that are sponsored by Sophie Howard:


Blue Sky amazon reviews

Ahem, this is just bizarre, because the only comment on this article asks the reader to not spend a penny on this horrible course. The irony is terrific. 

Meanwhile TheAffiliateDoctor doesn’t use an affiliate link, the article praises Sophie Howard’s ooverpriced course while contradicting itself many times. The author also shamelessly promotes his main affiliate EcomElites in all his reviews which makes me question the motives behind this website.


Blue Sky amazon reviews

Just like “TheAffliliateDoctor”, HighIncomeSource also promotes a particular suspicious course named “WealthyAffiliate”. I’ll take a look at that course in some time, so keep an eye-out for that.

I do have one question for the author of this review:

If Sophie really has multiple 7-figure Amazon FBA buisnesses, then why is she selling a course online and trying so hard to bury the truth about her scam?


Blue Sky amazon reviews

The reviewer claims that this review is honest and unbiased, but he is an affiliate of Sophie. This one is not as bad as the others because at least he is not claiming to be unaffiliated like the others.


I actually like this review because Ippie does go in the details about the course, but like TheAffiliateDoctor did, he also promotes a certain course (main difference being that he actually sells a course himself instead of being an affiliate). 

Before we go further, I want to cover a couple of sites that Sophie Howard has set up to bury the real reviews of the course. 

BlueSkyAmazonReviews dot com

Blue Sky amazon reviews

This website has been set up for only two purposes:

  1. Bury any critical reviews of Blue Sky Amazon (possibly like this one)
  2. Convince potential victims into believing that Blue Sky Amazon is not a scam unlike what their common sense and consciousness are telling them.

Sophie doesn’t give a flying fff about this website, it has been setup on a basic WordPress theme. 

The fact that this website is sponsored or even backed by Sophie Howard & Blue Sky Amazon is not made explicit anywhere on the website. However, if you go on the contact page, you’ll see the following email:

So I went to the website and found some obvious links between them and Sophie. The website literally has multiple posts about the Blue Sky Amazon’s affiliate program. Not only that, but there is a permanent banner of Sophie Howard on the homepage of the website. I think this is enough evidence for us to assume that is affiliated with Sophie Howard.

BlueSkyAmazon Reviews Facebook Page

Get ready to feel absolute cringe because this FB page is possibly the worst pile of sss you’ll probably ever see.

This FB page is full of unverifiable “testimonials” from supposed “customers” of Blue Sky Amazon. However, these video testimonials should be taken with a grain of salt. Wesley Virgin faked his testimonials by hiring people from sites like Fiverr & Cameo to record testimonials for him. But not everyone is as intellectually lacking as Mr. Virgin, so they hire local actors for testimonials. I’m not going to go ahead and claim that all the reviews of Blue Sky are fake, but the world is a bad place and it is much more convenient for companies to hire actors than to give actual good products & services to get reviews. More on that later.

Real Blue Sky Amazon Reviews (Sophie’s Secret)

Below is a permanent gallery of real Blue Sky Amazon reviews. I’ve taken these screenshots to ensure that these reviews don’t vanish from the face of the earth because of some lawsuit from Sophie’s PR team. People need to see these reviews!

During my research I also stumbled upon some shocking comments by victims of Sophie’s scams, here are some of them:

These reviews are getting buried into the abyss of Google SERP by the fake 5 star reviews posted by Sophie’s PR team & affiliates.

It all goes to prove that Sophie Howard is indeed running a shady scam and action should be taken against her.

Blue Sky Affiliate Offer: Why You See 5 Star Bogus “Expert” Reviews

I have uncoverd and debunked around half a dozen fake reviews on Sophie Howard’s course, but there are still dozens of articles still lurking on the internet on several sites. How did Sophie manage to get so many people to write 5 star “expert” reviews on her trash course? Well, she runs a very lucrative affiliate program, kind of like Tai Lopez’s one.

On Knowledge source’s website you can find this affiliate offer, but for the sake of convicience, I’ve scrolled through the page and recorded it, thank me later.

The affiliate gets paid a whopping $1,500 per sale, which is honestly, quite a lot of money. They claim that an affiliate has already made half a million dollars from this!

The qualifications they demand are as follows:
1) The affiliate should have a buyer list of 10,000.
2) The affiliate needs to have ad budgets of $100,000+
3) The affiliate should have 30,000 people in his email list

Those are some big numbers, so it is safe to say that there are many big websites involved as an affiliate with Sophie Howard.

Why does it all matter?

Because this is the exact reason why the internet is flooded with so many bogus Blue Sky expert reviews online. Everyone and their dog is trying to make money off scamming people by misleading them and selling them this garbage.

Testimonials Are Exxagrated – Sophie Howard, probably

disclaimer of sophie howard

Just like the other fake gurus, Sophie also has a disclaimer on the very bottom of her website. It basically says that everything that she claims on her website, is essentially not the “usual result”. Things like a six-figure income, financial independence, basic success, nothing is guaranteed here. If you shell out six grand for Sophie’s course after seeing the various testimonials and expert reviews saying how it is the best thing in the world, then you, my friend, just got scammed.

I expected such disclaimers on Blue Sky’s website as these make sure that you can’t sue them.

Blue Sky Amazon Review Verdict 2021

Blue Sky Amazon by Sophie Howard is a petty scam with sloppy implementation. There are fake 5-star reviews on Blue Sky’s Trustpilot listing which are obviously written by one single person (possibly Sophie herself). The asking price for the course itself is outrageous for the value it provides. It is the worst Amazon course I’ve ever encountered and won’t recommend it under any circumstances.

Be on the lookout for any five starred reviews in the comments section calling me names, it’s probably Sophie posing as a customer. 

Amazon Seller University (Free Alt. To Blue Sky)

If you are an actual Amazon Seller and want to learn how to get customers or boost your business, then you are in luck. Amazon has it’s own “Seller University”, which is totally free and is updated regularly with new content.

Instead of buying an overpriced course from Sophie, I would strongly recommend that you check out this University, they are free and you’ll learn a lot there.

I know there are people who are not actually Amazon Sellers, but still want to learn the biz, so for them, Amazon has setup a YouTube channel. The videos don’t have the best edits or transitions, but the content is gold and for the price of free, it is quite amazing.

One downside of learning from Amazon Seller University, is the monotonous way the instructors teach, it is a bother for some people. However, if you are not some rich frat boy with daddy’s trust fund money, then I think this is a better option.

There are also 2 other great learning resources you can use, and I’ll link them down below.

Learning Resources:

Just because you are not wasting your money on scammers like Sophie, doesn’t mean you can’t get successful.

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