Blue Sky Therapy, Inc. California Review


Total Scam!! I paid this man $3,000 in September 2015 and he never delivered. He promised me that he would find me a physical therapist or occupational therapist in the Los Angeles area hassle free. To this day, I haven’t had any therapist referred by him walk through my door. I was advised by my office not to do business with him because of the bad reviews on the internet but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Worst mistake of my life. Not only did he not give me a physical address to his business or a proper email address, he is no longer answering my phone calls or text messages. He sent me this fake contract with a fake list of references. Regardless, I sent him payment to 60 Lorraine CT. Holbrook, NY 11741. Every day for about 4 days, he would text me asking if I sent the payment and that he hadnu2019t received it. Finally about 4 days later he told me to send another check to replace the one that hasnu2019t come to him yet. The following day I checked my online banking and saw that his check was deposited. He sounded way to desperate to get my money. In conclusion, this is a scam. His number is (((REDACTED))) I had my employee call him today to follow up on his work and he actually picked up, but hung up shortly after he realized who was calling him.

16219 Devonshire St. Granada Hills, California USA

Home HealthCare

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