Blue Star Contracting Review


Chris Gantor hired Pro-Fresh Carpet Cleaning to do carpet cleaning services in the dallas area. He called us and we were always available to complete all the services and within 12-24 hours on most occasion. He failed to pay his invoice for the work we completed on behalf of his company Blue Star General Contracting. | I would just like to warn other people to not do any work with a company that cannot afford to pay for there sub contractors. | Chris Jennings or Gantor (Blue star general contracting) looks for people on craigslist and tries to say he is going to pay you after the job is complete and then will avoid each and every call. we invoiced him January 21st 2017 and he has yet to pay it is now March 13th 2017. He will block you from calling him and when you catch him from a seperate number that he hasnt blocked he will just make you think he is searching for his credit card eventually he will just hang up on you. Extremely professional of blue star general contracting. I am past my limit with this company and just want to let it be known he cant come up with $223.


Name: Blue Star Contracting

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Mckinney

Address: 10015 Rearwin Lane

Phone: 214-680-1720


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