Blue Water Partnership


Blue Water Partnership Blue Water Recreation Blue Water Partnership, and subsidiaries, are Scam Artists Clinton Township, Michigan!!. This company is a broker, matching buyers and sellers of used cars, boats, rvs, etc. They receive payments from the buyer and basically pocket all/most of the money instead of passing on to the seller’s lien holder, per the contract. They may even be operating as a theft ring. ie. When I pressed them on not making payments for past six months, my car conveniently was stolen from the buyer. Managers/Partners: Charles (Chuck) Gebell, Karen Gebell, Chad Turo Sales Rep: Matt Martinez Parent Company: Blue Water Partnership Owner: David Goodman Known Subsidiaries: Blue Water Recreation, Platinum Image Motorsports, EZ2BuyLLC, Equity Management Investments (EMI), Equitable Monetary Instruments (EMI). (They change their company name often…as do most fraudulent companies) Other possible Subsidiaries: International Marine & Automotove Investments, South Coast Marine, NMIG Partnership Group, Great Oaks Management Main Address: 35005 Automation Dr, Clinton Township, MI 48035 Other Possible Addresses 35013 Automation Dr, Clinton Township, MI 48035 35013 15 Mile Rd, Clinton Township, MI 48035 30901 Utica Road, Roseville, MI 48035 There have been numerous (hundreds?) of complaints made to date, and there has been legal action taken in the past, and pending actions currently. Best thing to do if you have been scammed by this company is to file an online complaint with the Michigan State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There is a ton of information online to back up my allegations.

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