Bluebird by American Express Spring Grove Virginia Review


The context off my complaint is fundamentally simple. I attempted to make a purchase from Bass Pro without realizing that my anticipated purchase exceeded my account balance. Needless to say, the transaction was declined by Blueburd, and voided by Bass Pro. There are two distinctly separate frustrations here. First, the transaction was for a reimbursable business expense from my personal funds. Second, the reason for my report, Bluebird by American Express is refusing to release the funds that were available for as many as 8-days. Today is day 3. I have been a business owner and contracted with merchants services before. Nefer in my professional or personal experiences have any of my customers’ funds, or my personal funds, been held beyond midnight of the cancelled/voided transaction date. This is shameful behavior, and it scrapes the bottom of the barrel. It would be rude to file a complaint without giving Bluebird the opportunity to resolve the situation first. I have spoken with numerous customer service representatives, and gone to the extent of verifying my personal banking information between Wells Fargo and Bluebird/AMEX, at the request of Bluebird. I still do not understand why, but it was apparently necessary. Speaking to customer service was a painful experience. It is clearly outsourced to a diagonally opposite corner of the world. They need to upgrade the strings between their tin cans and ours. The conversation was very muffled, and metallic sounding, which made understanding the broken English of a Pakistani, or Indian, call center that much more frustrating. [side note…if it is not going to be American, just call it Express] Customer service, an separate calls told me: 1. The funds will be released in 5 to 15 minutes. 2. You have to call Bass Pro’s bank to have them release the funds. 3. It is the policy of American Express to not release the funds until the merchant goes 7-8 days without claiming the funds. Well…I do not care, or agree. The transaction was both declined by American Express and voided by Bass Pro. Give me back the money I entrusted to American Express. This should not be used as a 7-8 day investment opportunity by AMEX. This behavior is shameful. I do not want to tell people to not use the Bluebird services by American Express. Prospective customers should be aware of how much/little access to their hard earned money they should expect to have. This “policy”” is pathetic

and borderline thievery.”

Charlotte, North Carolina USA

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