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Recently I made an order. I have not received the product and I wont be able to receive the product. The customer service is really terrible. Once I noticed the shipping address is wrong, I wanted to change the address. I emailed to the customer service with the correct address. No response until the next day. The next day I received an email indicating that I need to call them. So, I called. However, I found that they have an automated system so that they cannot change the address or cancel the order. So, even though the address is wrong and they have not sent out the product yet, they plan to send out the product to the wrong address anyway. So, the bottom line is that once the order is made, there is no way to cancel the order. This is how this website does their customer service. The person at the customer service center called Chris told me that once the product is returned from the delivery to the wrong address, they would refund my money. That is the only way I can have my money back. So if it is not returned, I won’t have my money back, which is quite likely to happen. Chris even shouted me. It is quite deplorable.

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