Bluegrass Credit Corporation Review


As a wounded and 20-year active duty retired member of the us military funds are not always so readily available. So when i needed to have my driveway repaired after heavy rains i looked for a fast easy place to get cash quick. So i found bluegrass credit. Little did i know what i was i dealing with these modern day loan sharks. | I used my own personal vehicle that was paid off as collateral for a loan that had a huge and crippling interest rate of 24%. Which is illegal in some states and congress is working to crack down on these loan sharks that prey on military families but i thought i could have the loan paid off and it wouldn’t hurt me too badly. I was mistaken, after some other financial difficulties, i had to file bankruptcy. And as anyone knows once a bankruptcy is filed it is illegal for a loan holder to repose a persons vehicle. | Sadly the owner of the business jim miller doesn’t know or care about the law. They illegally stole my vehicle, even though payments were current on the loan. A vehicle which my brother in honor of my military service had rebuilt and restored to me as a favor so that i would have something nice to drive for a change. When i informed jim miller about what the courts had to say. | His reply was f” the courts. The following month my account was paid in full and he texted me saying that he was going to have the truck delivered. After several weeks with no contact from bluegrass credit. I texted jim miller and asked where the truck was. He said he had sold it at auction, i was very upset and told him i would see him in court and the last text to me was “lol” avoid this place like the plague they prey on people that are in need and they hope that you will not be able to make your payments so that they can then acquire your possession or property and leave you with nothing. | It’s no wonder they are not rated by the better business bureau. If you or someone you know has had to deal with them and lost something do not be afraid to contact the better business bureau, the federal trade commission, scamion, yelp, planet feedback, ky attorney generals office, pissed customer or how to complain. Don’t let these modern-day highway robbers claim another victim.


Name: Bluegrass Credit Corporation

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

City: Richmond

Address: 908 E Main St

Phone: (888) 535-8441


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