Blueprint Engines and Summit Racing


Blueprint Engines and Summit Racing Marshall Engines Three engines from Blueprint Engines still haven’t gotten a good one! Kearney Nebraska!!. First of all I don’t like vendor bashing but these guys products are the exception to my personal rules. I bought a 383 Chevy crate motor from summit racing in December of 2009. That was the first engine. Followed installation guidelines and the engine immediately had severe blow by. Pulled the engine shipped back to blueprint engines for repair under warranty. Took a couple months to receive the engine back and while it was there decided to upgrade to the roller cam 383 with vortec heads. I got this engine for 500 bucks difference. Received the 383 roller engines seemed to run fine good sound and power 5000 miles later broken valve spring noticed metal shavings all thru the engine. Pulled this engine shipped back to them they fixed under warranty shipped it back to me. Upon installing the repaired engine immediately had a wrist pin knock. Lost oil pressure pick up tube had let go and hit crankshaft damaged oil pan. Well by now the warranty has expired the three engines together I have gotten about 5000 miles out of not to mention the lose of use of the vehicle plus the labor I’ve paid not to mention the oil, spark plugs, antifreeze, etc I’ve spent. Called Summit tried to get my money back was treated very rudely by them. This to a customer I’ve probably spent over 20000 bucks with them over the last 5 years. So here I am thousands out of my pocket and have to pull the engine once again. This has been a nightmare. Buy a cheap engine and that’s exactly what you get. So good luck to all that thinks Summit Racing will back there products and think it’s a good product because Summit sells it. That’s exactly what I thought when I made the initial purchase.

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