Bob Adams Classic Cars


The buyer of this car has never owned a classic car before and is very hard to deal with, making unreasonable requests. The buyer took the car to a mechanic and they told the customer there were several potential problems with the car. This was a beautiful fully restored car and there mechanic scared the buyer. It had some high performance parts which were disclosed in my ad. She was worried and wanted me to pay & 036;2,500 for something that was not broken. We offered to to buy the car back at full price and she refused to do that. I’m not paying to fix something that is not broken. I thought giving the customer all there money back was the best option and fairest for both parties. We sell over 100 cars per year and that is classic cars with rarely any problems. This women should have bought a 2016 VW, not a 1970’s. WE DID NOT lie or misrepresent the car. I guess you can’t make everyone happy and I tried my best. Thanks, Bobby

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