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Bob Afsari aka Robert Afsari aka Bobby Afsari ruined my life and helped to steal my life savings. While he was a Vice President at Ren Cap holdings, an equity management company. He approached myself as well as a number of his friends and family members to invest in NRG Recources (An alternative energy/lubricant scam) and Turan Petroleum (a supposed oil concession in Khazikstan) He worked along side Hiep Trinh to bilk over $115,000 cash (some borrowed from y 401K) from me personally and multiple millions from other invrestors. Hiep had his SEC license revoked and Bob HAD to be aware of this since Bobby ASURED me he had investigated this company. I mean I’d know this guy for 18 years, why wouldn’t I trust him? However since Ren Cap Holdings was placed in between the investors and NRG and Turan they were able to more easily steal our money. Hiep Trinh, Ren Cap Holdings/Afsari wired their investors’ money to China then fabricated a lawsuit diversion to make it look like the companies were being sued out of existence when they actually were never really companies at all…Just pump and dump schemes. Afsari maintained a lavish lifestyle, bought a brand new Mercedes CLS 500 and lived on the ocean in San Deigo with the comissions from bilking his close friends and family of their life savings. When everything went South and the truth that these investments were a scam and Afsari, Vanetek, and Convicted felon Hiep Trinh had absconded with the money and left them broke. I lost my home and my car in addition to my investment capital becuase I trusted Bob. You would think that after something like this happened, Afsari would take the high road and explain the situation to this scam’s victims. INSTEAD he turned off his phone and used and untraceable Skype number for years after. Bob Afsari has done NOTHING to make this right or pay restitution to his friends and family. Instead he has avoided them. If you ever get approached by Bob Afsari to invest in ANYTHING…F$%^ing RUN! He is full $*** and does not deserve to be walking and breathing let alone be outside of a jail cell but somehow this teflon coated Persian managed to place the blame sqarely on Hiep Trinh and Tony Vanetek and BRAGS about winning some Venture Capital contest only Illustrating what a piece of s*** scam artist he really is. This is not conjecture. I have ALL the documentation to back up this claim. This rip-off happened at the worst possible time it coule have and in addition to the mental anguish and DECIMATED credit. I have NEVER been recover. Meanwhile, he lives on happliy with his perfect little family, scamming more VC money and weaving LIES to keep from ever having to get a REAL f****** job. Avoid this A****** and his companies at ALL costs. Just ask his own family in Lafayette and Moraga, Ca what a piece of $*** he is.

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