Bob English Bulldog Puppies


I emailed to inquire about the English Bulldog puppies they listed as available on their website. Of course they were available and when I mentioned the possibility of purchasing two of the puppies, they immediately offered a discounted price and asked several questions, including where I lived. Red flags arose immediately due to their email language. I asked for current photos and weights of both puppy parents. Same photos as on website were sent and the weights they sent of parents were the "typical" weights of bulldogs (identical) that I have seen on most websites when researching this breed. Due to my skepticism, I emailed them and said that I was in their area (they said they were located in Golden Valley, MN) and asked if I could arrange a time that day to see the puppies. First they said I would have to pay a deposit of $400, by way of bank transfer using the service called Zelle, to "reserve" the puppy/puppies. After I emailed back to say that "I didn’t know how to use this type of transfer" and I had cash to give them when I arrive, asking for their physical address several times, they emailed me an address to a condo in Golden Valley. Finally, they stopped responding. I really wasn’t in their area and their responses, and lack of responses, confirmed my suspicions. Beware….. The email I have attached was the first I received from them when I inquired, and I see this identical email was used in other complaints.

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