Bob Maxey Ford, Inc.


The used car department at Bob Maxey Ford in Howell took advantage of a disabled and elderly man and put an unwanted warranty into his sales contract, which he signed, because he did not read the fine print. The elderly man quietly told the slick salesman that he did not want the warranty. After he signed the sales contract it was too late. All of the salesman here are like this so there is no point in mentioning the one salesman’s name. | They were overly friendly to him during the sales pitch and treated him like garbage as soon as everything was signed. They said the transaction would be done at a certain time, and they made him wait in the office a long time without apologizing while waiting on other customers first. | If you have to do business here, make sure you are very careful and have everything in writing. Don’t let anybody trick or fool you. They act like they are your best friend and talk too much. They also also treat people like garbage while attempting to trade in old vehicles and give very low bids. They may even go as far as to insult you if your car is old. We thought we heard one man say something bad about the elderly man’s trade in from another room and we thought we heard one man throw keys for the trade at the other man.

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