Bobbie Lynn Bare – Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico


This girl Bobbie Lynn Bare is a HOMEWRECKER! She knew my husband was married and we were having issues. Once our child had medical issues that NM couldn’t address fast enough I left to another state to get our child medical help. My husband and I were trying to work things or at least I thought at the time but shortly after leaving this woman decided one night while the two of them were at work she would get into my husbands pants. She lied to her husband and ended up basically living with mine while I was fighting for our child! A couple months past and she knew my husband was moving back to be with his kids and I (granted I had no clue of the two of them at the time) he arrived in the state I was at and she continued to message him even though she was back with her husband cause she now didn’t have a place to live. Her husband informed me of this whole situation and she still continues to TRY AND COMPETE with me his wife. She’s the complete opposite of me! It’s sad but funny at the same time! She’s the complete opposite of what my husband has ever gone for. She’s white trash and needs tons of makeup to look even semi cute. Ashame she is a homewrecker! Her family must be so proud of her! Some morals this girl has!

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