Boca Beauty Academy Review


Boca Beauty Academy Internet, Florida | I should’ve known right from the tour; that began with a mostly naked, badly tattooed, “receptionist” with horrible hair extentions popping out everywhere (making me question the ability of the instuctors). Not to mention the actual tour by Chris, was a complete joke. He had nothing to say of any value. It was just alot of metaphors not even pertaining to the school or even education in any way. | The main subject matter was not curriculum, job placement, or even school policies at all. It was right to the core of concern of the owner and staff, $TUITION$. Being that I lived so close to the school I chose to overlook all of the red flags that warned me not to enroll, and signed up anyway (BIG MISTAKE). AFTER enrolling in the $14,500 Cosmetology class I learned that If I didn’t finish this course in 10 months I would be charged $10/hour until completion which usually takes one year. | On the first day I was thrown into Chapter 13, which was half wittedly discussed in between personal stories about the instructor’s personal life for 45 minutes. That is all you were aloud to study from the book each day. The rest of the day consisted of blasting disturbing music in one room while trying to learn hands-on with no sense of direction. When they notice you’ve been there for about a week, they try to get you to move into the more advanced room to work on actual clients( against State Regulations, which is 400 hours). | As if the tuition is not enough; the receptionist/street walker etc., makes a commission off of selling services done by the students which explained to me why she had the customers lined up like cattle in the mornings, rushing us out of class and into the “Clinic”. When you choose to refuse to do services they threaten to send you home or threaten to not give you credit for your hours that day. | To make things worse we were left with no instructors ALOT of the time while doing very advanced services, and expected to know the steps of these processes without previous instruction. There was one incident that led to a womans hair literally falling out in clumps and left with welts on her head from a perm solution left on nearly twice the time it should’ve been, due to lack of instuctors anywhere to be found. | The school makes them sign a waiver before services are rendered which protects them not YOU! Students, then at the end of the day are expected to do laborous cleaning such as scrubbing toilets, mopping entire school, emptying every staff members garbage cans for them, without any kind of real cleaning supplies; because the owner refuses to have a real cleaning service clean the school. | So basically, you are paying Jack Bragin to be his slave! Smart guy, huh? When I wised up to the madness of the school, I decided enough is enough after about a month and requested a refund and to transfer to a normal school and take my credit for the hours I earned. I was accused of “dropping out of school” and told that they cannot refund “drop outs”. I was given the run around to transfer my hours as well so I was delayed in starting a new school for about 2 months. | When they finally gave me my official hours for my new school it came with a condition that I pay off the remaining balance! Insane! I now owe the school $13,000 for education I never even got as well as having to start from scratch at a new school! If you are considering enrolling here RECONSIDER! I can’t wait to see the rebuttal Jack or his very well paid Attorney come up with to defend themselves from the TRUTH! | You know you are wrong! Sell the school or shut down! I hope this will save at least one person from throwing their money away to this con-“man”. Yes, I was an actual student who chooses to remain anonymous to avoid any further repercussions from this “school”. I will not mention the school I transferred to but I can say it was about half as much money and about twice the learning with none of the problems! Good Luck to you all!


Name: Boca Beauty Academy

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Boca Raton

Address: 7820 Glades Rd

Phone: 561-487-1191


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